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You might be asking this question to yourself or friends around you to make sure you get an inexpensive but a great one for your cats to play with. Always keep your cat's size and personality in mind when selecting one.
1. Perches size - Choose one that has an appropriate size for your cat.
2. Type of perches - Depends on what your cat likes to lean on. Do they like to back up against things?
3. Sturdiness - Make sure base is wide to support the height of the cat tree. Cats don't like wobbly cat tree!
Having a cat tree is not just for fun purpose solely. Suitable for multiple cats, it's a great way to increase their vertical territory. They can share a close space while maintaining any sort of pecking order. This way, you won't have to worry them fighting at home anymore!

Giant cat tree
Stable wooden construction
Natural sisal posts and soft plush cover
Multi-level design with ample play areas
Sleeping cradles, bed cube
Side hammock and hanging swing
Ladder with sisal rungs
Includes scratching, perching, climbing, sleeping all in one piece

Material: Plush velvet cover and natural sisal posts
Overall dimension: 75cm x 40cm x 141cm

Package Contents:
1 x Cat tree
1 x Assembly kit
1 x Assembly guide

Customer Reviews

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Luke Grayson

Our kittens are rescues, so they are still a bit more timid than your standard pet kittens. Given a 3-5 days in the presence our new Pawever Pets Cat Scratching Post Tree, they were playing, scratching and sleeping there. I think they found the mice the most amusing part, but they also like scratching the sisal posts and sleeping in the two cat caves on board. Overall I would recommend, just have a vacuum cleaner handy when assembling as the plush fabric does shed a little bit when brand new. Delivery was prompt once dispatched from Warehouse and the whole unit does fit relatively discreetly in the corner of a room or living area. Glad to say it has been worth the money spent.

Easy to assemble

Fairly easy to assemble, can get a bit tricky with the instructions, some of the parts are a bit unclear but I just had the product picture up and was able to piece it together. My cat jumped straight on it too. Thanks